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About Our Natural Grass Fed Beef

Grass fed beef cattle on our farmAll our cattle are free range, with lots of pasture to roam on. The pasture is made up of mixed grasses and legumes, which provide them a full range of nutrients and minerals.

We do not finish our cattle with corn!

Our cattle spend their entire lives eating fresh natural wild grasses, with additional hay in the winter. No antibiotics or growth hormones are used because we want natural beef only.

We're proud to sell you the same lean, clean, natural beef that we eat.

Antibiotic, Hormone, and Drug Free

We think drug-free beef is a healthier lifestyle choice. Our cattle eat natural wild grasses, and are not given any drugs, chemicals, or hormones.

Checking on the cattle

Locally Grown

Buying locally raised beef means you can be comfortable knowing the source of your food. And it's environmentally responsible, because buying local also reduces transportation and pollution.


From Wikipedia: "This process involves considerable expense as the beef must be stored at or near freezing temperatures... For these reasons one seldom sees dry-aged beef outside of steak restaurants and upscale butcher shops. The key effect of dry-aging is the concentration of the flavor. It's generally accepted that the taste of dry-aged beef is almost incomparable to that of wet-aged."

All our beef is dry-aged. It is fresh frozen after a two to three week dry-aging process to ensure maximum tenderness and flavour. Our local butchers are Otonabee Meat Packers in Keene, Ontario and Hilts Butcher Shop in Norwood, Ontario.

Humane From Start To Finish

Not only is this the best way to treat animals, but it is a low stress environment. A high stress environment prior to slaughter can alter the beef "ph" levels and affect tenderness negatively.

Checking the cattle Some cattle at the pond

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