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Custom Orders

Grass Fed Beef Prices

Pot roastNote: sides and quarter cuts of beef are available in October, January, April and July. For more details see our How To Order page.

Half Beef (Side of Beef)

$5.85/lb custom cut and wrapped. Weight of 1/2 beef is between 250lbs - 350lbs.

Quarter Cut

$5.85/lb custom cut and wrapped. Weight of 1/4 beef is between 125lbs - 175lbs.

Feel free to email Email: Ben@heritagebeef.ca with any questions or requests for special cuts.

Our cattle in the fields

Ordering beef: email your preferred date and I will reply to confirm availability. Then you fill out the butcher cut sheet and send it back to me, which provides details to our butcher for your order. I can email you a cut sheet or you can get one here: the Beef Cut Sheet.

How To Complete Cut Sheets
1) Save the blank form to your computer
2) Open the form and fill it in
3) Save the completed form to your computer
4) Open it and make sure your information was saved
5) Email that completed form to us

Please note there is a reduction in weight from what you pay to what you take home (see below). This is because there are parts the butcher trims and discards as waste (skin, bones, fat, etc.).

Custom Beef Orders:

Carcass breakdown (approximate)
50% - Hamburger and/or Stew beef
25% - Steak
25% - Roast

1/2 beef weighs approximately 300lbs
Minus cutout waste (20%) = 240lbs
Hamburger/stew beef = 120lbs
Steak =  60lbs
Roast =  60lbs
1/4 beef weighs approximately 150lbs
Minus cutout waste (20%) = 120lbs
Hamburger/stew beef =  60lbs
Steak =  30lbs
Roast =  30lbs

This is the delicious grass fed beef we sell

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