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Grass Fed Beef & Pork Prices

Pot roastNote: sides and quarter cuts of beef and veal are available in October, January, April and July. All other products are available year-round. For more details see our How To Order page.

Whole & Half Veal

Custom cut veal is $8.60/lb (includes butcher fees). Typically a whole veal carcass will weigh 350lbs and a half veal is 175lbs.

Beef Package - $175 (20lbs)

Beef packages can be delivered at no cost (within Peterborough). Order as many packages as you'd like. Steaks (striploin, sirloin, rib eye - only top line cuts) are 1 per package and roasts are roughly 3lbs. Ground beef and stew beef are in 1 lb packages.

Beef packages include the following:

  • 5lbs Premium steak (striploin, sirloin, rib eye; all steaks are 1" thick)
  • 2 Roasts (3lbs each)
  • 2lbs Stew beef
  • 7lbs Ground beef

Steak Package - $170 (10lbs)

Beef with peppercornOur steak package includes 10lbs of premium rib eye, striploin, sirloin, and tenderloin.

Ground Beef Package - $135 (20lbs)

20lbs of our delicious ground beef for only $135.

Half Beef (Side of Beef)

$5.85/lb custom cut and wrapped. Weight of 1/2 beef is between 250lbs - 350lbs.

Quarter Cut

$5.85/lb custom cut and wrapped. Weight of 1/4 beef is between 125lbs - 175lbs.

Pork Package - $160 (20lbs)

Pork packages include the following:

  • 2 Roasts, either butt or shoulder (approx. 3lbs each)
  • 2 Hickory smoked ham steaks (approx. 1.5lbs each)
  • 5lbs Thick cut loin and butt chops
  • 1lb Minced pork
  • 2lbs Hickory smoked bacon
  • 3lbs Handmade pork sausage (Gluten-free Italian, Farm Style and Honey Garlic)

Whole & Half Pigs

Wrapped cuts of beefWhole and half pigs are available for $4.85/lb (smoking and sausage extra), which includes butcher fees.

Bone Broth

500ml for $6.50, or a bulk case of 16 x 500ml for $104. Like all our products, this delicious broth is natural and gluten-free, with no preservatives or additives. Singles and cases are available at our farm store. Read about the benefits and uses of bone broth (view or download pdf).

Feel free to call Ben at (705) 768-9326 with any questions or requests for special cuts.

Grass fed beef from our farm

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