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About Our Free Range Veal

A calf in tall grassThe calves on our farm are free to roam the fields and pastures as they please. Sometimes you'll find them in groups, or with the herd, or with their mothers. They enjoy the benefits of mother's milk, natural wild grasses, and the freedom to exercise and play. Our calves are never leashed or put in holding pens at any time for any reason. You get delicious natural veal from healthy, active calves.

A calf in tall grass

There are still a few myths about veal, such as the age. Our veal calves aren't babies, they're actually 5 or 6 months old and weigh several hundred pounds. Another myth is that whiter veal is preferable, when in fact whiter meat can be the result of confinement and/or a poor diet lacking iron. There is no reason veal shouldn't look healthy and taste fantastic!

Our veal is richer in appearance, texture, and taste than factory farmed veal.

Some veal calves

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